Other Opportunities: Summer 2016

Laboratory Opportunities for Cal Teach Students at UCSC


Cal Teach is co-sponsoring summer laboratory opportunities in two faculty research labs for experienced Cal Teach interns who are planning secondary teaching careers. These internships will require at least 20 hours/week in the lab for six weeks (see lab-specific dates below) AND enrollment in the Cal Teach summer research and teaching seminar which meets Wednesday afternoons at UC Berkeley, June 15-August 10. * The interns will receive a $2,500 stipend and will be reimbursed up to $500 for the cost to enroll in for one unit credit for the UC Berkeley course after successful completion of the course.
EE Biology Professor Rita Mehta and Beth Shapiro will each host an intern. Interns will work collaboratively with graduate students and other researchers in their labs.

Professor Shapiro (LAB DATES: July 5-Aug. 11): Our lab aims to better understand how climate change influences the distribution and genetic diversity of species on our planet. We focus our research on past periods of rapid climate change, for example the last ice age, and use genetic and ecological tools to assess how animal populations changed as the climate changed. Our goal is to apply what we learn from the past to assist with the conservation and management of species that are threatened by present-day climate change. Currently, we have several projects devoted to questions about conservation and climate change. We are seeking enthusiastic undergraduates who are interested in evolution, genetics, and conservation biology. Students will learn basic genetics techniques such as DNA extraction and the analysis of DNA sequence data, and will have opportunities to identify patterns in the distribution of genetic diversity over space that might have important management implications. My goal for hosting Cal Teach students is to provide them with hands-on research experience and genomics tools that can be used in middle school and high school science classes.

Professor Mehta (LAB DATES: June 13-July 29): One of the main research goals in my lab is to contribute towards our understanding of the form-function relationships in vertebrates.  I am particularly interested in the interaction between body shape and feeding mode.  Currently, we have a variety of projects devoted to the topics of body shape and feeding physiology. We are seeking enthusiastic undergraduates who are interested in learning basic experimental biology techniques such as clearing and staining, gross dissections, morphometrics, and experimentation related to digestion physiology.  My goal for hosting Cal Teach students is to provide them with hands-on research experience and comparative anatomy tools that they may incorporate into science activities for middle school and high school students.  My lab is located at the Long Marine Lab and is the academic home base of four graduate students, a postdoctoral researcher, and usually 3-5 undergraduate students.

To apply: Cal Teach interns who have completed at least CaT1 may apply by emailing Gretchen Andreasen (gha@ucsc.edu) with the subject header APPLICATION FOR SUMMER LAB INTERNSHIP. Interviews for top candidates will be scheduled. Your email should respond to the following questions (2-6 sentences for each question):

1) Which faculty sponsor you would like to work with and why? What previous coursework or other experiences will you build on to work in the selected lab?

2) Do you expect to have any other significant reponsibilities during the time frame of the internship and seminar? How will you balance competing responsibilities? How will you travel to and from Berkeley?

3) What are your current academic and professional goals?

The selection process will also take into account your UCSC academic record and your Cal Teach record.

Apply by March 9 to be considered for a winter quarter interview!

Questions? Contact Gretchen Andreasen, gha@ucsc.edu.