UCSC Cal Teach provides structured internships in middle and high schools for prospective science and math teachers. Most internships take place during a UCSC academic quarter; these Cal Teach internships are associated with a sequence of courses (informally called CaT1, CaT2, and CaT3) designed to progressively expose prospective teachers to the art and science of teaching math or science. The Cal Teach courses cannot be taken without an internship, and the CaT1, CaT2, and CaT3 internships must be taken in conjunction with a course.

Cal Teach also offers week-long “intensive” internships before the UCSC academic year begins in September; these are not associated with a UCSC course and are intended to complement the academic-year internships.

Finally, experienced Cal Teach interns who are enrolled UCSC undergraduates may participate in independent study projects supported by Cal Teach faculty and staff: Special Project internships are offered occasionally as opportunities arise, and students may propose Special Projects or research-focused CaT4 internships of their own design.


Who May Participate in the CalTeach Internships?


How and when do I get started with the Cal Teach internship?

First-time Cal Teach interns typically start with CaT1 or the intensive internship. In order to participate in Cal Teach courses and internships, you should apply and be accepted in advance of the quarter in which you hope to participate. You may apply at any time, however CaT1 is offered only in fall and winter quarters; the intensive internships are offered in mid September. To receive full consideration, apply by early May for fall CaT1 or the intensive internship and by mid-November for winter CaT1. We discourage students from participating in Cal Teach during their first quarter on campus; therefore, space is held for freshman and transfer students in winter quarter.

CaT1 interns must be available for 2-3 hours/week in a middle or high school classroom throughout the 10-week UCSC quarter and one seminar meeting each week. Fingerprinting, TB status documentation, and scheduling the internship should be completed in advance of the internship quarter.

The intensive internships are scheduled during one week in September and require participants to be available ~7am - 4pm each day of that week. Fingerprinting, TB status documentation, and scheduling the internship must be completed well in advance of the internship week.

Here are a few possibilities for how you can plan for Cal Teach as a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior:

Freshman Year Start (Cal Teach with STEM Education Minor)
Sophomore Year Start (Cal Teach with STEM Education Minor)
Junior Year Start (Cal Teach and Preparation for Credential Application)
Senior Year Start