Advanced Internship for W18, EDUC 197B (2 units)

Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project (MBAMP) Special Project

for future math teachers



In ths Cal Teach: Special Project you will work with a group of Cal Teach interns to learn about math games, how to teach them, and how to use them in the classroom. Along with learning math games you will be working on a group project. A few examples from past years:

· The Spring 2017 team produced and presented in the Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Projects (MBAMP) 2017 Spring Conference on math games.

· Spring 2016 team produced and attended the Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Projects (MBAMP) 2016 Spring Conference on Children’s Mathematical Thinking.

· Spring 2015 designed and presented their own original mathematical games.

Torequest a spot in the class, complete the attached Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course and turn it in to Cal Teach ASAP.


If you want to know more, email the instructor, Judith Montgomery in the MathematicsDepartment (, and you can check out the website of the teacher professional development project that Judith runs, MBAMP (


If you are already planning to participate in CaT2 (also 2 units), be aware that you may participate in both courses simultaneously — if you have time in your schedule. If you think you can only do one, and aren’t sure which is the best choice for you, feel free to come by to talk with the Cal Teach staff about your decision.









What is a Cal Teach Special Project internship?

The Cal Teach Special Project is an individual studies (independent study) project to work with K-12 students on science or math topics, ideally, involving inquiry-based learning. The type of placement is very open: interns may work with students who are pulled out of their regular class (for remedial or advanced support); interns may work with clubs or enrichment programs at a school or other educational setting. Some background reading and short writing assignments are expected, but the main emphasis is the internship experience.


What is expected of Special Project interns?

Special Projects interns must:


What are the benefits of doing a Special Project?

Special Projects interns will:


How to sign up for a Special Project?

You should begin this process at least two weeks before the end of the preceding academic quarter!


Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course form

Instructions: Individual Studies Form


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Cal Teach Office

You can send any paper copies to the Cal Teach office via email, fax, hand delivery, or mail:


Hand deliver:

Cal Teach Drop Box JBEB 157B




Mail via Campus or US Mail:

Cal Teach Program
PB Sci Dean's Office
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064


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