Get Involved with Cal Teach

The Cal Teach community of current and former interns and their supporters of many types continues to grow. There are many ways that people in the broad Cal Teach community can and do help to recruit and prepare outstanding math and science teachers. For example:

Current interns work hard to support the teachers and kids in their internship classrooms and to develop their skills as future teachers.

Former interns host current interns in their classrooms, share opinions and advice about graduate and credential programs and school district employers with prospective applicants, and even sometimes donate money to help current interns. 

K-12 teachers and their students welcome our interns into their classrooms and graciously support them to develop teaching skills.

Private individual donors and foundations fund crucial base aspects of our internship program (e.g., scholarships for interns), make possible our broad range of financial support as interns pursue teaching credentials and begin teaching careers (e.g., CBEST reimbursement, classroom supplies, professional meeting registration), and collaborate to help us expand our enrichment offerings for interns (e.g., summer teaching and research opportunities, special projects).

UCSC faculty and administrators advise and support prospective math and science teachers and help connect them to Cal Teach resources, advocate for future science and math teachers in UCSC academic programs, and sponsor prospective teachers in their labs.

UCSC staff advise prospective math and science teachers and help connect them to Cal Teach resources.

UCSC faculty and staff help to design and implement a strong Cal Teach program.

UC system supports UCSC and its coordination and collaboration with other UC campus Cal Teach programs. Other UC campuses share opportunities with UCSC Cal Teach interns.

Community college partners identify and help us recruit prospective science and math teachers.

School districts and school administrators support Cal Teach interns in their schools, provide career guidance to our graduates (especially through scholarship interviews), and hire our graduates!

This broad and deep support has helped us grow and sustain a strong program. If you want to help grow and strengthen our support for future and novice math and science teachers, please



Donations to the Edward and Miriam Landesman Fund for Future Teachers of Math or Science honor our longtime supporters and former UCSC faculty Ed and Miriam Landesman. These funds are targeted specifically to help individual students or graduates with small scholarships, teacher test fees, meeting registrations, classroom supplies - typically small dollar amounts that can have a big impact for prospective or early career teachers.

General donations to the Cal Teach program will be used wherever is most needed to sustain or grow the program.


You may also contact the director to discuss your ideas for contribution or collaboration:


Gretchen Andreasen
Phone: (831)459-2484