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K-12 Teachers

If you are a middle or high school math or science teacher in the Santa Cruz region and would like to become part of the Cal Teach at UCSC community we would love to have your support as a host teacher. If you have other ideas for partnership with UCSC's Cal Teach program, we would love to hear them.


Support Cal Teach as a Host Teacher

A host teacher interacts directly with the UCSC Cal Teach undergraduate students. They help the undergraduate students get a complete picture of what a career in teaching consists of. A host teacher takes in 1- 3 Cal Teach interns into their science and/or math class in an academic quarter (10 weeks). Based on the level of the intern (CaT1, CaT2, CaT3, or CaT4) the host teacher is expected to fulfill similar expectations.


Host Teacher Benefits


Host Teacher Expectations: CaT1


Host Teacher Expectations: CaT2, CaT3, and CaT4

In addition to the CaT1 expectations a CaT2, CaT3, and CaT4 host teacher must also:



If you are interested in becoming a host teacher please contact:


Tammy Bye
Internship Coordinator
Phone: (831) 459-1929