Sarah Baumgart

CaT1 & CaT2 Science Instructor

Office: JBEB 153C
Phone: (831) 459-2226 (Cal Teach office)
Office Hours: Before or after class
Current Class: CaT2 Science/Math Winter 2016
Last Course Taught:CaT2 Science Spring 2015


Seminar Materials for CaT2 Science/Math (EDUC 100A):


Syllabus CaT2 Science Spring 2016


The Rule of Four


Classroom Activities Log


Lesson Design


Lesson Plan Rubric


Host Teacher Evaluation of Intern Lesson


Mathematics Common Core Standards


California’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)


California Science Content Standards K-12




(Listed by author)

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Extra Reading:

Teaching Tips to Promote Active Learning, Class Participation, and Effective Teaching




Seminar Materials from previous quarters:


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Syllabus CaT2 Science Spring 2015

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Saunders, G et al. (2011) Great science for autistic students (pdf)