Molly Shaw

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CaT2 Science/Math & Science Instructor

Office: JBEB 153C
Phone: N/A
Office Hours: After Class
Current Course: CaT3 Spring 2017
Last Courses Taught: CaT3 Spring 2016


CaT3 Seminar Materials:


CaT3 Spring 2017 Syllabus




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Brooks and Brooks 2001 case for constructivist classrooms

Baker, Al: Common Core Curriculum Now Has Critics on the Left

Cai et al. 1998; Also download: Cai figure

Clough 2002

Constructivist Classrooms

Davis et al.


Grading the Digital School (series of articles on


Leonard et al.

Letters to the Editor: A Viable Common Core?

Marzano: Direct Vocabulary Instruction

PDF version


Google book version (easier to read online)

Mead, Rebecca: Learn Different

Perrone, et al., Expanding Student Assessment


NY Times: The Trouble with Online College

Summary of Learning Theories

UCSC unit: Lesson Template



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CaT2 Seminar Materials:


Cawley, J., et al. (2002)


Griffiths, P. (200)


Lemke, J. (1990)


Marzano, R. (2003) rules_proc


Marzano, R. (2004) vocabulary


Meier, D. (1992)


Perfors, A. (2008))


Lesson Plan Grading Rubric


Science Content Standards for California Public Schools, K-12


Differentiation in Science Class



Syllabi from Previous Quarters:


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