Tom Medeiros

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CaT2 Science Instructor

Office: JBEB 153C
Phone: (831) 227-1034
Office Hours : Before Class
Current Course:
Last Course Taught: CaT1 Science Winter 15


Seminar Materials:

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Syllabus CaT3 Spring 2014

Host Teacher Evaluation of Intern Lesson (Printable Copy)

Host Teacher Evaluation: Cal Teach Intern (Electronic)

Host Teacher Evaluation: Lesson Plan (Electronic)




Seminar Material from Previous Course: CaT2


Syllabus CaT2 Science Spring 2013


Week 1: Overview

Music; How a teacher can influence a whole life, NY Times

Week 2: Standards

California State Science Framework and Content Standards, K-12

How to Read the Next Gen. Sci. Standards

Next Gen. Sci. Standards Draft

Science Framework 2004

Science Framework 2012

Week 3: Pacing Guide

Chiappetta - Planning a Science Unit

Krajcik and Merritt - Engaging Students in Scientific Practices

Life Science Pacing Guide 7th

Rosenshine: Principals of Instruction; Research-Based Strategies That All Teachers Should Know

Unit Timeline (docx)

Week 4: Unit/Lesson Intro

Perfors - Another Classroom Demo

Lemke - Two Minutes in One Science Classroom

Marzano - Rules and Procedures

Week 5: Vocabulary

Marzano - Direct Vocabulary Instruction

Week 6: Hands-on

Open Lab

Teaching Tips to Promote Active Learning

Week 7: Scaffolding

Cawley - Including Students w/ Disabilities

Mastropieri, et. al - Differentiation in Science Class

McDonnough and Cho - Making the Connection (ELL's)

Week 8: Assessment

Exploratorium - Assessment

Meier - Why Tests Don't Test What We Think They Do