Vivian Moutafian

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CaT2 Math/Science Instructor

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CaT2 Math Spring 2012


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Syllabus CaT2 Math Spring 2012


Online timesheet instructions


ELL Activity


Host Teacher Evaluation of Intern Lesson


Revised Classroom Activities Log


Rubric for Final Lesson Planning Project


Tutor Tips


Common Core State Standards



Weekly Readings:


Week 1

i.) The Rule of Four

ii.) Multiple Representations

iii.) Promoting Mathematics Accessibility through Multiple Representations (Jigsaws)

Week 2

i.) Practicing Algebraic Skills

Week 3

i.) Teaching Tips to Promote Active Learning, Class Participation and Effective Teaching)

Week 4

i.) Lesson Design

Week 5

i.) Support in the Classroom for Students with Learning Disabilities in Math

ii.) NCTM News Bulletin"Giving Voice to English Language Learners in Mathematics”

iii.) NCTM News Bulletin: "Supporting Writing Skills in English Language Learners”

iv.) Mathematics: The Universal Language?

Week 6

i.) Motivation Counts Ch. 2: "Motivating through good questioning techniques"

Week 7

Education Development Center (2003-2007) has produced:

i.). Instructional Strategies to Increase Accessibility, p.1

ii.) Guiding Questions for Accessibility Strategies, p. 1

iii.) Accessibility Strategies for Mathematics, p. 1 – 7

Week 8

i.) "A, E, I, O, U and Always Y... A Simple Technique for Improving Communication and Assessment in the Math Classroom" - Vazquez, Lorna Thoma



Optional Readings:


From "Engaging Mathematics Students: Using Cooperative learning" by John D. Strebe:


Engaging Math: Activities


Engaging Math: Collaborative Review



Materials from previous quarters:


California Science Content Standards K-12


California Math Content Standards K-12


Teaching with Multiple Methods in Mind


University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. "Student Participation/Active Learning"


Lesson Plan Template


Making the Connection: Practical techniques for accommodating ELL's in the science classroom


Motivation Through the Classroom Routine


"Talking Science...Classroom discussions and their role in inquiry-based learning environments"


Energizing Students ...Maximizing student attention and engagement in the science classroom



Syllabi from Previous Quarters:


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Syllabus CaT2 Math Spring 2011


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