Meet Gabriella Cinquini

Gabriella Cinquini

Student Assistant
Office: JBEB 153C

Gabriella is a third year Math Education and Philosophy double major. She is delighted to be working with Cal Teach, since Cal Teach was one of the reasons she chose to attend UCSC. She knew she wanted to go into teaching and sought out opportunities on different campuses that would give her the first-hand experience she was looking for -- Cal Teach was exactly that. In the past 3 years Cal Teach has allowed her to participate in rewarding internships, such as CaT1, CaT2, the Summer Intensive, and the Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project (MBAMP), which have provided invaluable resources as she plans for a future in a Masters Credential Program upon graduating. Outside of education, she likes to spend time playing tabletop/video games with her friends, practicing Taekwondo, and reading. She looks forward to meeting prospective Cal Teach students at Cal Teach social events!