2018 - 2019 Class Schedule

Cal Teach offers a sequence of three internships (CaT1, CaT2, CaT3) and Special Project with academic credit.
CaT1 Fall, Winter
CaT2 Winter, Spring
CaT3 Spring
Learning Assistant Fall, Winter & Spring
Special Projects Fall, Winter & Spring
Fall 2018
Learning Assistant PBS 101  Wednesdays 2:40PM-3:45PM JBEB 160 Instructor: Melissa George
CaT1 Math EDUC 50B Tuesdays 7:10-8:45pm JBEB 160 Instructor: Hayley Vandercook
CaT1 Science EDUC 50C Tuesdays 5:20-6:55pm JBEB 160 Instructor: Larry Johnson
Winter 2019
Learning Assistant PBS 101  Thursdays 9:50-11:25am TBD Instructor: Melissa George
CaT1 Math EDUC 50B Tuesdays 7:10-8:45pm TBD Instructor: Hayley Vandercook
CaT1 Science EDUC 50C Tuesdays 5:20-6:55pm TBD Instructor: Larry Johnson
CaT2 Combo EDUC 100A Thursdays 5:20-6:55pm TBD Instructor: Courtney Bowman
MBAMP Special Project EDUC 197B TBD TBD Instructor: Judith Montgomery
Spring 2019
CaT 2 Math EDUC 100B TBD TBD Instructor: Melissa Nix
CaT2 Science EDUC 100C TBD TBD Instructor: TBD
CaT3 Combo EDUC 185L TBD TBD Instructor: Molly Shaw
Learning Assistant PBS 101 TBD TBD Instructor: Melissa George