Learning Assistant

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 by midnight

Cal Teach is recruiting Learning Assistants for CHEM 1A, CHEM 1B, BIO 20A, and BIO 20B for Spring 2019
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What are Learning Assistants (LAs)?
The Learning Assistants’ main role is to support students’ conceptual understanding in introductory biology, chemistry, and physics active learning classroom at UCSC. Active learning classrooms stress peer discussions and problem solving. L.A.s work with small groups of students as they solve challenging conceptual problems. L.A.s will help students articulate, defend, and modify their ideas about a relevant problem or phenomena presented in class. This might mean asking more questions and giving fewer answers.

What is an LA’s experience?
1) Practice: L.A.s facilitate collaboration among students in learning teams by formatively assessing student understanding and asking guiding questions;
2) Content: L.A.s meet weekly with their faculty instructor, TAs, and other LAs to plan for the upcoming week, reflect on the previous week, and analyze assessment data;
3) Pedagogy: L.A.s attend PBS 101: Learning Assistant Pedagogy Course to reflect on their own teaching and learning and to make connections to relevant education literature.

What is the Commitment?

  • Attend all scheduled class meetings and one class section of their choosing/week
  • Enroll in PBS 101, 2 units
  • Participate in content meeting once a week 

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

  • Earned an A or B in the course or course equivalent they want to LA for and have solid content knowledge.
  • Enjoys working with people.
  • Self-confident and able to communicate and work with professors, TAs, and undergraduates.
  • Interested in teaching as a possible career path.
  • Open to trying new teaching and learning styles. Preferably has taken an active learning class(es) previously.
  • Committed to helping all students engage in the course content, to collaborate as part of the teaching team, and to learn as much as possible through this educational internship.

What are the requirements for the Learning Assistant Internship in order to be considered successful/complete?

  • Successful participation in PBS 101
  • Attend all scheduled class meetings and one class section per week

This experience will take roughly 8-9 hours per week. Learning Assistants earn 3 units and a scholarship if funds are available at the end of the quarter.

How To Apply

1) The Learning Assistant Application Form is a google form with short response questions (1-2 paragraph answers for each question). Make sure to have well thought out responses before submitting the form.

2) Submit your unofficial transcripts to calteach@ucsc.edu. Please format your transcript files as PDFs and and title them as Last Name, First Name_Quarter_Year. Specific instructions for finding unofficial UCSC transcripts can be found here. Transfer students, please submit your unofficial transcripts from the school you are transferring from.