Outside Intern/Job Opportunities

Cal Teach is often notified of outside opportunities such as internships, jobs, volunteering, and workshops that would be excellent supplemental experiences for Cal Teach students.

We will list current opportunities here for informational use. It is the responsibility of the student to apply to and follow up with these experiences. Cal Teach is happy to provide any documentation we may have that could be helpful for your application process.

Current Outside Opportunities

JOIDES Resolution (JR) Academy for Undergraduates - Apply by 4/19/19!
Sail aboard the amazing U.S. vessel for scientific ocean drilling, the JOIDES Resolution (the JR) on the one-month-long Expedition 385T and earn 10 university credits. Click the link above for more details.
Joides Resolution Ship
The Cal Teach Director, Gretchen, worked as a technician on this ship when she completed her undergraduate degree and one of the Cal Teach Lecturers, Molly Shaw, spent ~10 days aboard as a visiting teacher. This is a rare opportunity for undergraduates to sail on it. Ask us if you want to know more about their experiences!

UCSC STEM Hub Peer Adviser - Apply by 4/19/19!
The EOP STEM Success team seeks 5-6 dedicated students to serve as Peer Advisers in the new STEM Hub at the Science & Engineering Library for academic year 2019-2020. STEM Hub Peer Advisers will hold regular shifts at the STEM Hub in the Science & Engineering Library and meet regularly with STEM students on an individual or small group basis to provide a wide variety of information and referrals. See the job posting in the UCSC ER System for more information -- The position ER job number is #11295, STEM Hub Peer Adviser. 
STEM Hub Peer Adviser Job Flyer

CK-12 Internships
CK-12 is the Wikipedia equivalent of classroom curriculum, opensource and free. Teachers can use their curriculum for free, can edit the CK-12 books, or upload their own curriculums as “flex books” to share with other teachers. CK-12 Foundation is recruiting stellar Math Content interns to help produce and maintain web-based math content. 

iD Tech Summer Camp
iD Tech holds technology & STEM-focused summer education camps where you could be a Camp Director or Camp Instructor! This group specifically reached out to Cal Teach hoping to recruit our awesome Cal Teach students.

Monterey Bay Internships
This website lists many available internships and has a lot of useful functionality to help connect you with internships/employers. Click the link above for more detail.

Environmental Education (K-12) Internships
There are all sorts of environmental education internships around our area! Many options are listed on UCSC Environmental Studies' website. 

Life Lab
Life Lab has organic gardening internships available all year long! 

Monterey Bay Aquarium Internships
The aquarium often has great internships available. 

COSMOS Resident Assistant
COSMOS is UCSC's 4-week residential summer school for talented and motivated high school students with high interest and achievement in science and math. Each year they recruit Resident Assistants to support the program.

Galileo Innovation Camp for Kids
This summer camp serves children ages Pre-K through 8th grade and holds themed or "major-focused" summer camp that focuses on innovation. Summer jobs are available at multiple locations. "Working at a Galileo camp means joining a vibrant educational movement"!