Giving Day 2019

 Cal Teach Grads pose with Cal Teach staff at the End-of-Year Celebration for the UCSC MA/Credential program

WOW! We are thrilled to announce that we raised a total of $12,270 during Giving Day 2019, thanks to 49 wonderful donors!

This money is going straight toward undergrad STEM majors to help them pay for expenses incurred in becoming K–12 teachers, scholarships for interns in local middle & high schools, peer tutoring costs, participation in teacher professional development, and equipment needed to establish inspiring classroom environments -- it makes a HUGE difference!

We are so grateful for all the support -- thank you everyone!

Use our official Cal Teach Giving Day Link to donate to Cal Teach on Giving Day 2019 -- February 27, 2019!

This Giving Day, Cal Teach is partnering with friends Ed and Miriam Landesman to sustain the Landesman Fund for Future Math and Science Teachers. So far, the Landesman Fund has provided over $27,000 to about 120 prospective and early career teachers. Your contribution on Giving Day will ensure Cal Teach continues to help prepare outstanding science and math teachers!

The Landesmans are retired UC Santa Cruz faculty members who established the fund to help develop outstanding math and science teachers.

When YOU give, you help UC Santa Cruz math, engineering, and science majors pay for:

  • expenses incurred in becoming K-12 teachers,
  • participation in teacher professional development, and
  • equipment needed to establish inspiring classroom environments.

You also directly support math and science learning by Cal Teach undergraduates and K-12 students by providing:

  • peer tutors, as needed by Cal Teach students, and
  • scholarships for Cal Teach students who volunteer in middle and high school classrooms.

The Landesmans are regular, generous contributors to their fund, but many others also contribute. For instance, Vivian Moutafian, now in her fourth decade teaching math at Watsonville High School was mentored by the Landesmans as a young teacher and now mentors young teachers herself. Ms. Moutafian says:

I have been a host teacher and an instructor of Cal Teach 1 and Cal Teach 2.

Cal Teach is a wonderful program that allows undergrads to get experience in the classroom in truly meaningful ways.

I have witnessed several outstanding teachers in our district who had their start at Cal Teach.

Even as a Math teacher with more than 30 years experience, I know that my participation in Cal Teach informed my teaching and furthered my growth and development.

The participating students, their host teachers, instructors and ultimately the community all benefit from this powerful program. Cal Teach is a "win-win-win"!

I believe in the program and I am a donor. I hope you'll join me!

Please join Ed and Miriam Landesman and their friends in contributing to support prospective and early career math and science teachers who will educate the next generation!

Cal Teach grads enjoying themselves at Alumni Weekend Gathering 2018


Thanks to Giving Day 2018 donors, we raised $5,893 to provide scholarships to our Spring 2018 advanced interns. It's our goal to break that record this year during Giving Day 2019!

Gretchen (Director) and Marla (Program Assistant/Student Advisor) enjoying the Giving Day 2018 Photobooth