Host Teacher Benefits and Expectations

Host Teacher Benefits

  • Honorarium amount ranging from $150 - $400.
  • Mentor future generation of science & math teachers.
  • College student as a role model for your students.
  • Another adult set of eyes in your classroom.
  • An extra resource for struggling students.

Host Teacher Expectations: CaT1

  • Host a Cal Teach UCSC student intern 2 days/week for 2-3hrs.
  • Allow 10-15 minutes/week for one-on-one discussion. (Usually before class, after class or in a prep period.)
  • Provide student feedback via Intern Evaluation Form at the end of the quarter.
  • Provide ongoing feedback and mentoring for interns throughout the internship.
  • Develop intern roles in your classroom.

Host Teacher Expectations: CaT2 and CaT3

In addition to the CaT1 expectations, a CaT2 and CaT3 host teacher must also:

  • provide intern at least one teaching opportunity in your classroom.
  • guide interns in developing individual lesson plans.
  • provide lesson feedback via Lesson Evaluation Form.

For more information about roles and responsibilities of interns and host teachers, please refer to this Host Teacher Reference Guide.